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2020 US Election Services

Give your audience unrivalled coverage of the US presidential elections

From results to opinion polling, we've got everything you need to tell the whole story

The 2020 U.S. campaign and election season promises to be as competitive and as interesting as any in recent memory, as the Democrats battle the Republicans for control of the U.S. presidency and Congress.


We employ over 5,000 people on election day to count the votes.


In 2018, we called over 7,000 contested races with 99.9% accuracy.


We have been counting votes and declaring winners since 1848.

Access the fastest and most reliable election results

- We count and verify returns and winners for president, U.S. House and Senate, governor and other statewide offices

- Access continuously updated election results data in JSON and XML formats via an easily searchable API

- Engage your audience with interactive maps and widgets that integrate with your digital and broadcast platforms

- Language options include Spanish, Chinese, German and French (others available on request)

Sample map from 2016 general election

Create your own custom graphics

- Produce powerful graphics and applications using AP's live feed of raw results data

- Incorporate decades of historical results data from past election races

- Place your followers, readers and viewers at the heart of the story

“Calling races, from the national level to state legislatures, is a vital function the AP provides to its members and customers. Being able to accurately and quickly call those statewide and state-level races is critical to their ability to provide strong election night coverage.”

Sally Buzbee | Senior Vice President and Executive Editor, The Associated Press

Polling data you can trust

With 40% of U.S. voters casting their votes early or by mail in 2016 and a growing tendency among voters to not disclose their true voting intentions on election day, exit polls have become largely unreliable.

Exit polls in 2016 suggested that the UK had voted to stay in the European Union, while U.S. voters were forecast to have elected Hillary Clinton to the White House.

AP VoteCast isn't an exit poll. It's better.

  • Nationwide survey of around 140,000 registered voters
  • Sample size is more than six times the legacy exit poll
  • Fully transparent and academically vetted

Only AP VoteCast gives you:

  • A complete feed of raw polling data via API (JSON) or online dashboard
  • Topline research summary and on-the-night support provided by AP’s expert analysts
  • A nationwide survey of voters in all 50 U.S. states, not just selected battlegrounds
  • Prior training from AP’s polling experts on how to best use and interpret the data


The most robust US election polling data available

More accurate

AP VoteCast's vote choice accuracy was 98.8% at 5 p.m. on election day in 2018, compared to the double-digit pro-Democratic error rates often reported by exit polls in recent elections.

Greater breadth

AP VoteCast is conducted in every state, compared to legacy exit polls which are only conducted in the battleground states that constitute around half of U.S. states.

Unrivalled expertise

AP VoteCast was developed with polling specialists NORC at the University of Chicago - one of the world’s preeminent objective, nonpartisan research institutions.

Exclusive broadcast facilities

Our expert team provides live positions, studios and workspace wherever you need it so you can report from the heart of the story with an all-inclusive setup.

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