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Annual reports

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how AP captures the world’s most remarkable stories

Our chairman and CEO provide a look into our current business position and break down key figures about our reach, output and finances.

2018 Annual Report

Learn how AP put the full scope and scale of its mission to inform the world on display in our 2018 Annual Report.


2017 Annual Report

Discover how AP fulfilled its mission to inform the world across all formats in our 2017 Annual Report.


2016 Annual Report

Learn how AP delivered on an aggressive news agenda in our 2016 Annual Report.


2015 Annual Report

Explore how our new capabilities met customer demand last year in our 2015 Annual Report.


2014 Annual Report

We take innovative steps to leverage our journalistic resources. Find out how we told stories that no other media could in our 2014 Annual Report.


2013 Annual Report

We challenge secrecy and government overreach. Learn about our fight for media access in our 2013 Annual Report.


2012 Annual Report

We provide critical news and services to our members and customers. Find out how we broadened our reach in our 2012 Annual Report.